Augusta Tower Technologies, Inc.

Specializing in wireless and cellular communication projects for the nation’s largest cellular service providers.

Dedication and expertise

About Augusta

Augusta Tower Technologies, Inc., located in Grand Rapids, MI, was founded in 2008 and is a construction company that specializes in wireless and cellular communication projects. We are dedicated to servicing the ever-changing needs of the telecommunications industry with expert management and highly trained crews. Our commitment to quality, integrity, and safety ensures projects are completed without incident, on time, and within budget.

The ATTI Difference

Full Service

Employing expert in-house civil, electrical and tower crews, our experienced teams offer comprehensive services including civil, electrical, tower stacking, antenna and line, RF and electrical testing. ATTI also provides long-term site maintenance programs.

We service various communication sites from co-locations to rooftops and water towers. Our highly skilled, agile teams can fulfill installation and maintenance requests for critical path, multi-site build-outs across the Midwest.

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